About us

Our mission

We believe that essential services as internet access, electricity, and healthcare are deserved by all, regardless of their location or financial status. To achieve this ambition, we empower customers everywhere through advanced, tech-based solutions, utilizing sunlight and state-of-the-art technology to lead Africa into a more sustainable, inclusive future.

Pillars of Operation

Government collaboration

We cooperate with host governments and execute national-scale projects in the fastest, most sustainable way. Our strong reputation and successful collaborations lead to a fast-growing pipeline across the continent.

Smart operations

We use advanced proprietary technologies developed to enable exponential growth and replicable operations, including de-risking, customer relations, smart distribution, operation management, and more.

Scalability and agility

Our first projects in Rwanda and Mozambique are the largest single solar projects in SSA, at $38m and $48m budgets. As speed is crucial when striving to connect millions, we put a big emphasis on agility, and are currently the fastest deploying company in Africa, with the first 50,000 connections (300,000 people) in 12 months, and 100,000 in 26 months (peak pace of 1500 homes a day)

Local employment and last-mile teams

Our last-mile teams are not only the face of the company, but our heart and soul. More than 3,500 local employees are operating across Africa while following Ignite’s proprietary processes, training, code of sustainability and operating standards. As we put a strong focus on gender equality, women constitute 40% of the workforce.

High-quality products

We finance, distribute, and deploy state-of-the-art products from leading global suppliers, operating on a procurement-tender basis for each project, guaranteeing the highest quality.


0 m
people directly impacted through sustainable, clean and safe technologies
villages served throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, reaching last-mile communities everywhere
local jobs created, allowing for financial growth and prosperity. More jobs are added with every new project
tons of GHG emission saved through the use of Solar Home Systems, clean cooking solutions, solar irrigation systems, and more
light hours produced by our systems, bringing endless opportunities to customers
0 %
of customers reported an increase in income
0 X
more crops through the use of Solar Irrigation Systems ++

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