Our Offerings

For Private Consumers

Ignite is servicing underserved communities, reaching the most rural, last-mile villages across the Sub Saharan Africa region. With Ignite’s products, families are enjoying green, sustainable electricity, clean cooking, and various appliances in their homes for the first time.

Our products provide increased security, added time for education, and higher quality of life.

Solar Home Systems

Despite tremendous efforts and vast resource allocation over the years, more than 600 million people in Sub Saharan Africa are still living without electricity access, and with Africa’s population expected to double by 2050, population growth rates are already outpacing the electrification rate. Ignite provides customers in the most remote location in the region with a wide range of Solar Home Systems (SHS), distributing, and financing top-of-the-line products.

With electricity in their homes for the first time, families can charge their phones and stay connected, and study and read after dark, while general well-being is elevated beyond comparison.

Home Appliances

Through advanced SHS and designed-for-solar appliances, Ignite provides customers with much more than home lighting, including a variety of home appliances that establish better life quality such as TVs, fridges, fans, and more.

All appliances are fit to operate on low voltage power, perfectly fitting home solar panels. As more technologies reach market maturity and affordable pricing, additional appliances are constantly added to our offerings.

Clean Cooking Solutions

Across Sub Saharan Africa, 4 out of 5 people still use solid biomass and combustible fuels for indoor cooking, and hundreds of millions are exposed to serious health threats and fire hazards, while tens of millions of Africans are suffering from smoke-related respiratory infections and diseases. The current situation is also hindering gender equality, as in many families, the women and girls of the household oversee procuring coal and cooking, leaving them no time to study or work.

Ignite is stirring change with Clean Cooking Solutions, establishing a safer, more sustainable reality for last-mile households. Our domestic-use stoves are designed specifically for maximizing energy, resulting in valuable reductions of combustible elements consumption, and saving up to 50% of household cooking expenditure.

Paygo-based Smartphones

Sub-Saharan Africa’s smartphone penetration is staggering, with 167 million subscribers expected to purchase a device by 2025, reaching a subscriber base of over 600 million people. Smartphones enable financial growth, education, knowledge accumulation and much more. Many smartphone-based platforms are increasingly disrupting traditional value chains in different sectors across the region, aiming to eliminate inefficiencies in conventional business models, as well as extend the reach of services and provide more opportunities for inclusion in financial services, health care and more.

Ignite is offering advanced smartphones available through a PAYGO financing model, allowing customers to purchase devices on a low budget. The devices can be charged through Ignite’s solar energy systems.

For Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of remote communities across Sub Saharan Africa. Over 60% of the population are small-farm holders, and the second main business venture in the region are small kiosks and bars, where people gather in all hours of the day to talk, watch TV, have a soda, and charge their phones. Technology is a great catalizator for these local ventures, and our products provide larger yields, longer harvesting periods, extended operating hours, and more business opportunities, empowering local business owners and leading to economical development.

Solar Systems For Businesses

Informal retail dominates sales and social life in sub-Saharan Africa accounting for 90% of sales throughout the region. The sector includes markets, kiosks, table-top sellers and street hawkers, all with substantial influence on rural economies. Alongside the financial aspect lies a social one, as kiosks play a major role in community interaction, with locals meeting to charge their phones, watch TV and socialize. Ignite is providing small local businesses with solar systems that administer electricity and can serve fridges for food and drinks, and TVs, contributing to the success of the kiosks and the social aspects of many last-mile communities. Collaborations with leading content providers throughout the region provide quality TV content included in the program.

Solar Irrigation Solutions

Agriculture plays a vital economic role in Africa, accounting for 25% of the continent’s GDP, and 70% of employment. But despite its major role, the sector is extremely underdeveloped, with a low use of proper irrigation and overwhelming dependence on rain being the main reasons for low productivity. Ignite’s Solar Irrigation Systems (SIS) provide farmers access to technology and solar energy for the first time, leading to larger crops, greater income, and food security for millions.

For Governments

Ignite is working alongside governments to establish infrastructure projects at a national scale, establishing solar energy and technology as catalizators for growth and prosperity. To date, Ignite has been developing the largest single solar projects in the continent with $38m USD in Rwanda and $48m USD in mozambique. Ignite is offering infrastructure for the energy, agriculture, communications, and medical sectors, with added services under development.

Solar-Based Medical Solutions

With an extremely underdeveloped infrastructure, morbidity and mortality rate in SSA are the highest in the world. There are 100,000 documented health centers in Sub Saharan Africa, and most of them are severely understaffed, underequipped, and lacking the most basic infrastructure, with only 28% having access to reliable electricity. IMS’s designed-for-solar medical system (DSMS) transforms remote health centers to state-of-the-art clinics by utilizing advanced technology, satellite-based connectivity, and solar power, providing electricity, early symptom detection, diagnostics, monitoring, training and data analysis, in the most energy-efficient, sustainable way possible.

IMS provides various solar-based advanced devices and services including: ultrasound, EKG, X-ray, blood count, vaccine refrigerators, and more, all connected to a digital platform that allows remote monitoring and support from global experts.

Supporting medical teams throughout the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Providing basic diagnostics for last-mile communities.
  • Reducing the need for invasive tests.
  • No need for any biohazard disposable materials.
  • Lowering the chances of infection.
  • Giving insights for medical monitoring of a wide population.

National-Scale Infrastructure Projects

Ignite supports governments in executing national-scale infrastructure projects, enabling them to meet their goals in the most sustainable, reliable and affordable manner possible. Utilizing vast experience, smart financing and operating models, strong partnerships with key shareholders throughout the value chain and more, Ignite is providing a tangible solution for impact on a large scale.