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Solar power from space: solar innovation is establishing a brighter future

The global Solar Energy Market was estimated at $50 Billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 200 Billion by 2026, according to GlobalNewsWire. The industry is growing and constantly innovating itself, set to become a leading energy provider across the world. Solar’s role in affordably supplying growing energy demand while also addressing the climate crisis makes it the most prominent, go-to solution. Governments, private companies, and people everywhere must take note and continue innovating on the one hand and adopting this effective technology on the other.

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Ignite started working months ago to provide solar refrigerators to remote clinics

“Ignite started working months ago to provide solar refrigerators to remote clinics” 2020 is still not over, but can already be crowned as one of the most challenging years humanity has known in a long time. The spread of Covid-19 throughout the world, the prolonged lockdowns that followed it, the high numbers of patients and mortalities, the economic damage, all of these and more have hit almost every country around the globe, with disastrous effects that will stay with us for decades to come.

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Open Tenders

Open International Tender: call for submissions.

Connecting all people to power is an ambitious, long journey and we are looking for the right partners to join us.